Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to keep butter at room temperatures?

Have you ever noticed that all cooking recipes require the use of room temperature butter? But waiting for refrigerated butter to soften can be a drag. We also cannot keep the butter at room temperature without spoiling and must refrigerate it. But constantly having to thaw and refrigerate the butter will affect its flavors and quality. So what if you could keep the butter at spreadable room temperature and also retain its freshness at the same time? The solution is simple: use a butter dish! This ingenious pottery creation keeps your butter warm and spreadable without causing spoilage.
The white butter crock is a simple design. It stores the butter in a cup with a solid dish attached to act as a serving platform and as a lid. The butter cup is then submerged into a large crockery cup that contains enough water to create a tight seal on the lid. This seal protects the butter and keeps it cooled without refrigeration. The design of the crockery naturally warms the temperature inside the cup and softens the butter without causing it to melt. Now you can have spreadable room temperature butter whenever you want. For all your cooking recipes, you’ll notice much richer tastes and aromatic smells. Fresh toast with room temperature butter will taste all the more delicious.
A good combination to have with your buttered toast is tea. But one should only have fresh tea, in the sense that you should boil tea leaves in hot water to get the most flavors out of the tea. You can use a tea steeper to prevent the leaves from falling into your cup. Nothing ruins the experience of tea than drinking a dry tea leaf. But clean and fresh tea is a perfect and healthy refreshment to balance your savory buttered toast.
You can store your butter in various dishes. A colored yellow butter crock can match the texture and color properties of the butter and make it more personal to store. Just like your standard salt, pepper and flour jars, your kitchen cabinet can be decorated with colorful butter dishes and crocks. This is also a convenience as all your condiments and ingredients can be stored together. Reaching for fresh, room temperature butter is now a possibility!